print from iphone
Your iOS already has what it needs to print, we call it . AirPrint is a Apple technology that let iOS print output and also built in to many printer models. Just select an AirPrint printer on your local network with iOS. Of course, you need to buy a new AirPrint printer. (more about AirPrint)

If you don't want to buy a new AirPrint printer to replace of your exsiting printer, O'Print could help you to solve this problem.By installing O'Print on your Windows computer, O'Print enables your existing printers to support AirPrint via your computer, just like an AirPrint printer. It means you need to log on a Windows computer when you want to print from your iPad and iPhone.

O'Print is a Windows utility doing a Print Server via Windows computer. It receives print data from iOS through AirPrint and transfer data to print job, then send it to printer. In other words, O'Print like a translator and translate print data to printer that didn't recognize AirPrint. So, iOS, O'Print and printers should be connected to the same local network so that they can communicate to each other.

1) A computer with Window XP(SP3), Vista, 7 ,8 and later.
2) A printer (any model) and it can be printed from Windows computer.
3) A local network with Bonjour pass through well.(most network support)

Video - What's O'Print

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