print from iphone
Not all routers are compatible with AirPrint™and/or O'Print.
Please download trial version to confirm O'Print works with your network.
We support only general Operating Systems but not beta versions.
There is lots of info to help troubleshooting in this list. 
We provide standard support via email and try to reply in 24 hours on Monday to Friday. Usually, two mails or three to solve the issue.

It’s a 30 days trial for free and provide all functions as same as standard version. The only different between trail and standard version is it will stop service in 30 days after installing. We strong suggest you to try installing trial version first because there are some network environment may block off  “Bonjour”.
O'Print CAN NOT work well without “Bonjour”. (more about Bonjour)

Now, click here to download trial version and install it on your Windows computer.
Ready to Get Started

A License is only for ONE COMPUTER. Buy a license here.
1) Double click O’Print icon to open O'Print panel on your computer.
2) Click "About" button on right corner, find "Enter License Key" in the dialog and click it.
3) Copy and paste the license key to frame and click “ok”.
4) It’s done.
print from iphone

  1) Be sure network is good on your computer
  2) No space when you copy and paste License Key